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3D Services

Adapted Services

The Amrikart 3D service team offers dimensional inspection services which validate the quality of your products – validation of GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing), jig inspections, machine alignment – as well as your operations – inspections for preventative maintenance, R&R tests (repeatability and reproducibility tests), process control charts.  We develop inspection methods and perform measurements, but also do the post-processing of the measurements, including the creation of metrology reports and quality control documents. Our expertise in metrology and measurement techniques, either by point probing or 3D scanning, allows on demand or regular inspections, which are always adapted to the client’s needs. The service team also provides reverse engineering of components and assemblies.

Dimensional inspections are an integral part of the life cycle of a product and must be defined in conjunction with all the stakeholders in the success of your products.  In doing so, the Amrikart service team becomes an essential partner to include from the early design of your product.  To better understand the need to integrate these dimensional inspections throughout the life cycle of your products, we invite you to download our presentation:

«Dimensional inspection in PLM»   Integration dimensional inspection in PLM

Advanced instruments

In order to meet the various demands of 3D digitization, inspection and quality control, modeling and reverse engineering of medium and large scale parts, Amrikart has a wide range of portable 3D measurement instruments. Our instruments are continually updated to maintain our technological leadership and to offer the best to our customers. Our team travels throughout the world to meet your needs.

Our instruments include : CMM, Laser Trackers (Leica AT403, 901, 960) with Probe and 3D Scanner.

We also lease some of our non-contact measurement instruments, sell certain products, and provide technical support and training, in addition to providing ongoing maintenance and support after a purchase.

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