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The aviation industry, a prime sector for modern metrology

The high precision requirements of the aviation industry dictate the need for more effective solutions, and therefore, the importance of creating a partnership with a reliable company with the expertise to meet all their dimensional measurement requirements. This is where Amrikart comes in. 

Integrated solutions

The construction of modern aircraft requires precise measurements relating location, orientation and alignment. To do this, the industry has traditionally used machining jigs. With newer and bigger aircraft models, the tooling needs to be larger, more complex and precise. These practices were revolutionized when it became possible to replace these jigs with electronic measuring instruments.

Amrikart develops integrated solutions that allow the assembly and adjustment of large components by combining various optical systems for static and dynamic measurements. Thus, we can monitor certain assembly operations like joining. Other adjustment requirements are simplified, for example flap rigging adjustment, or control surface profiles – ailerons and rudders. We also intervene during global control and inspection operations like levelling of aircraft, symmetry checks, or the inspection of component and surface profiles.

Amrikart integrated solutions

Quality, reliability and safety

Each step of constructing a modern aircraft follows a rigorous process where more and more inspections and quality controls are needed. Amrikart provides their expert services when an inspection is needed on medium, large or very large parts requiring precise measurement, with or without contact, We then provide detailed reports tailored to our customer's needs.

We also offer automated inspection solutions.

Our team travels all over the world. This allows us to respond to requests for inspection of parts or aircraft sections either during routine maintenance or resulting from damage.

Amrikart also offers services in reverse engineering in order to recreate the 3D CAD drawings of a part, component or jig.

Research, development and innovation

Proactive in each of our areas of activity, we are continually looking for reliable solutions and unique approaches, always incorporating the most innovative concepts.

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