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Amrikart is located in the Greater Montreal area, at the heart of one of the top aerospace development centers.

Who are we?

Amrikart specializes in a growing branch of metrology, that of high-precision dimensional measurement. Our solutions are designed to optimize the manufacture and assembly of large-scale products in the fields of aviation, aerospace, defence, transportation, hydro power and energy. Amrikart is especially known for the design and implementation of real-time metrology assisted assembly solutions.

Our history

A significant shift

Specialized in computer services when founded in 1988, Amrikart began to move towards its current expertise in 1997 with the acquisition of Tremcour Neutrotest Metrology services. However, it was in 2004 that Amrikart had a real impact in the metrology area by securing a major contract with a leading global aerospace manufacturer for the design and implementation of a revolutionary real-time positioning system on an assembly line. Today Amrikart is among the world's leaders in dimensional measurement and offers a wide range of turnkey integration services.

Values and mission

Beyond Business

Our clients can place complete confidence in any project Amrikart undertakes, making us an excellent strategic partner throughout the manufacturing process. Our business relations are first and foremost about collaboration, combined with meticulous and rigorous work aimed at optimizing our customer's manufacturing operations.

Our mission is to develop and provide our customers with innovative and user-friendly metrology solutions that have a positive impact not only on quality, but also on the technical and financial performance of their manufacturing operations.


ISO-9001:2015 &  Controlled Goods Program

To meet the increasing needs of quality services, Amrikart has introduced a Quality Management System according to ISO-9001:2015.

Amrikart certification ISO-9001:2008

 Amrikart also registred with the Controlled Goods Program since 2012.

Certificat Amrikart - Marchandises Contrôlées

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