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Turnkey solutions

Amrikart offers metrology solutions that facilitate assembly of large-scale manufactured components without the need for physical jigs, eliminating the costs of manufacturing, calibrating and storing these jigs. We also offer solutions for the automatic inspection of these components.

We use a “Lean” approach to manufacturing processes which allows us to offer shorter cycle times by implementing partial or full automation of the final assembly lines. The quality is continuously guaranteed by a rigorous and constant control of the manufacturing tolerances.

Our turnkey integration service involves analyzing the needs of each client to design a customized solution and then to develop the application. A software interface is developed specifically to assist the operators, to guide them step-by-step through the measurement process, and to automatically analyze the collected data. In addition to training your staff, Amrikart will accompany you during the first tests on the shop floor. 

Amrikart integrated solutions

Integrator of iGPS solutions

Amrikart has distinguished itself as a specialist for the iGPS (infrared Global Positioning System) integrated in a production environment. This system allows for the locating and tracking of multiple objects with metrological precision, in large work areas such as a factory or a hangar. iGPS technology is particularly suited to manufacturing, assembly and quality control. It is mainly used by the aerospace industry, but also for defence, transport, and all other industries where positioning, assembly, control, and real-time tracking of large-scale products are required.

The iGPS network presents some unique advantages, which are not possible with other systems:

  • Replication of a entire work area in XYZ coordinates
  • Homogenous precision throughout the entire measurement volume, typically 200µm (.008’’) at 95%
  • Modular and flexible : the number of “satellites” (emitters) and “targets” (receivers), as well as the density and the geometry of the network, can be adapted to the workspace
  • Permanent automated monitoring in order to prevent any deviations (automatic recalibration requiring no operator intervention)
  • Multi-user system which allows real-time applications to work simultaneously in multiple cells, with no degradation of performance

The user interfaces that we develop guide the operator through each of the applications that must be carried out. The software analyzes the data measured on a component and then aligns it to its CAD/CAM model, in order to compare it, or to define datums. The software can also analyze the measurements with respect to another component, for assembly or adjustment purposes. For example, an aircraft wing can be compared to its own CAD/CAM model, or positioned with respect to the fuselage.

iGPS aircraft FAL processes

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