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Breakfast conference presenting dimensional inspection methods

[ 13.03.2014 ]

We had the pleasure of welcoming about 20 manufacturing representatives for the event Portes-Ouvertes PME (Small and Medium Business Open House) organized by STIQ*, in collaboration with DEL.

The activity started with a breakfast conference about the integration of inspection methods.  Presented by Jérémy Arpin-Pont, this conference demonstrated how the control of dimensional inspection methods can bring about significant savings in manufacturing time, quality, and cost. Thus, participants better understood the importance of integrating and optimizing their inspection methods throughout the life cycle of a product.

«To download document : Dimensional inspection in PLM»   Integration dimensional inspection in PLM

This was followed by a visit to our technological center, during which our visitors were given demonstrations of various inspection methods with concrete examples using some of our dimensional measurement instruments (laser tracker, laser radar, measurement arms, and iGPS system).

*Founded in 1987, STIQ is an association of Quebec manufacturing companies which has over 700 members and clients from key sectors of the Quebec economy, or aerospace, transportation, electric power and natural resources.

Jérémy Arpin-Pont, conférencier Amrikart

Dejeuner-conference Amrikart

Portes-ouvertes Amrikart